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PTA Executive Board

‘Today’s PTA is empowered, informed and responsible. Today’s PTA is a powerful network of nearly 5 million people dedicated to making a difference in the education, health and safety of America’s children.’

2018-2019 PTA Executive Board Members:

PTA President:

Rachel Adams,

Executive Vice President:

Catherine Grimard,

Recording Secretary:

Melanie Lee,


Yvonne Devine Irizarry,


Maggie Stukas,


Justin Steers,

Communications Leader:

Melanie Hunt,


Lisa Arana,

Fundraising Chairman:

Destiny Waechtler,

Box Tops:

Deanna Ramsey,

Room Parent Coordinator:

Elizabeth Casey,

Membership Chairman:

Keri Reddy,

Members at Large:

Nicole Callahan,

Erin Stenson,

Marisela Carreno,


The Oakbrook Academy of the Arts PTA are dedicated & hardworking parents who want to make sure each student has the same opportunity as the next student.  From supplies provided in the classrooms to the field trips they take, it is all possible due to the efforts of the PTA and parent volunteers.  We can accomplish a lot but we are always in need of more great parents who want to make a difference at their child’s school.

Please let us know if you would like to help at an event, for a fundraiser, be a room parent, or become a PTA Board Member!  There are many spots available. 

Your PTA membership does make a difference!  Just by joining PTA, you show your children that school matters and you are invested in their success – and their future.

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